Terms and Conditons
Catering booking non-refndable deposit of 25% of the balance.

Once payment is made, your booking is confirmed and non- refundable

If less then 8 weeks full payment will be due.

Payments can be made in Cash, BACS
Payments made by Debit card or Credit Card wil incure a 5% charge We do not except cheques as a form of payment

The balance is due 8 weeks prior to the event.

All items of equipment, including cake knife and stands, whether hired individualy or provided as part of an overall package, are the responsibility of the client, and will be charged to the client at full replacement cost if missing or damaged.

Their will be a £100 deposit on all hire.

The client is responsible for all brakeages ie Crockery, Glasses, Serving dishes, Cutlery, Napkins and will be taken out from the deposit.

It is te client’s responsibility to return all loan equipment.

A deposit of £100 is required and refnded on return. Equipment not returned within 72 hours will be classed as lost and deposit wil not be refunded

Once a celebration cake is delivered or collected it is no long te responsibility of Cruickshank’s in any way.

Should the client cancel less than 8 weeks prior the event, the full cost will be payable on demand.

The client is responsible for providing te folowing:
Heatng, power and water, unless agreed prior to the event, and a charge will be incurred Wast disposal, unless agreed prior the an event, and disposal charges wil be incurred First aid and fire fighting equipment
A clean and safe environment for Cruickshank’s staff and guests
If the client is supplying any type of equipment for cooking or other reason, the client wil ensure that the equipment is in safe working

order. Cruickshank’s takes no responsibilit if the event is hindered by

the Clients equipment or for any accidental damage to Clients equipment by our staff or oter circumstance, any

damage made to equipment can be discussed with Cruickshank’s post event.

Cruickshank’s folows strict health and safety guidelines. Chilled food can only be left out of refigeraton for a

maximum of four (4) hours. Hot food can only be left out for a maximum of two (2) hours. After this time the food

will be deemed unsafe and consequently disposed of. Cruickshank’s cannot therefore aloud food to be left at a venue for the

client’s disposal unless the client signs a release form.

Cruickshank’s offer food tasting at £50.00 per person. This wil be at Cruickshank’s premises for confirmed events estimated over

£3,000.00 on food only. £50.00 tasting will be credited to the client final balance. 

 The placing of an order indicats  acceptance of our  Terms and Conditions



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